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The three most popular variants of Baccarat are punto banco (or "North American baccarat"), baccarat chemin de fer, and baccarat banque (or "à deux tableaux"). The first one is a game of pure chance, with no skill or strategy involved as the moves of players are forced by the cards they receive. In baccarat chemin de fer and baccarat banque players can make choices, so skill has a role. Whatever the variant you play is, the winning odds are in favour of the bank, with a house edge no lower than 1 per cent.

Knowing What You Are Seeing

The first part of the intelligence needed is to understand the situation as it is. Normally people who are going to succeed in life are the ones who are able to observe the situation as it is placed before them. They work out the dynamics of everyone involved in the environment as they see it. It might not necessarily require that a person takes down notes but at the very least they must be able to create a mental picture of what is going on and consequently work out a plan for being involved in the situation. I am not sure whether this is learnt or inherited but many people are simply unable to observe a situation.
They see but they do not understand. The information is laid before them but the brain cannot process it or come up with coherent problem patterns in the situation. For a baccarat player this is virtual suicide. If you cannot understand the basic elements of the game when you first arrive on the scene, then the mistakes will start piling up. You need to be able to work out who is doing what and why they are doing it.

What Happens Without Observation?

Not being able to have observation skills can be somewhat of a handicap of you are seriously trying to play baccarat. If you have not been able to internalize the environment and convert the information therein in into a language that you understand, there is no scope for you to act based on knowledge. This means that everything that you do will be all about intuition and hope. This is quite an alarming way to play a game that could win or lose you millions at a stroke of a pen.

The baccarat players will have a combination of skills and it is perhaps unfair to concentrate on one as the ultimate in achievement. Players of the game could quite competently disprove any of my theories by making reference to real events in the history of the game. However there are still many people who believe that the ability to observe and internalize events is crucial to success whilst playing baccarat.

Bringing It All Together

The observational skills in baccarat might require some form of multi tasking because there will be quite a number of competing events that will be taking place and the possibility of losing concentration or missing a detail will likewise be quite high. So those who play the game will have to keep an eye on so many things at a time.

This is yet another element of the observational skills that are required to play baccarat. You might be able to concentrate on one event and get out all the information you need. However in order to become truly successful you will need to have the ability to observe so many issues at the same time and then try to make a decision as to what is important and what is not. If you do not do this you are likely to miss the important aspects of your game.

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